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Beginning in March, Oakland REO Residential Properites have 30 days to register with the city.

Hundreds of foreclosed homes in Oakland may be vacant for long periods of time leading to blight and crime and dramatically affecting neighbors.  A new ordiance http://clerkwebsvr1.oaklandnet.com/attachments/23756.pdf requires homes that have been foreclosed to register with the city within 30 days. 

The banks must pay a $500 year registration fee and name a responsible person/agency that is located within 25 miles of the home who can be contacted by the city and neighbors for any problems.  The fee will help pay for Building Department staff that may have to inspect, monitor problems and keep track of vacant properties. The city council will be looking at an ordinance for vacant commercial property separately.

Published Sunday, January 17, 2010 12:06 PM by Elisa Uribe

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