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Grand Re-Opening of the Oakland Museum- Come Join the Fun

Celebrate with OMCA! The newly transformed Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) opens Saturday, May 1, with  31 hours of continuous, round-the-clock free programs and events.

The festivities begin at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 1, on the street in front of the new Oak Street entrance with a Native American Ohlone blessing, a marching band, Project Bandaloop performing a spectacular aerial dance, and more. And the non-stop celebration continues through 6 p.m. Sunday, May 2. "Only in California" Saturday afternoon activities highlight the innovative and creative spirit of California.

Saturday evening and overnight activities take on a more adult flavor with dancing, food, a no-host bar, flashlight tours, and conversations on unique California topics---merging into early morning yoga.

Sunday is especially for families with dancing, drumming, juggling, the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and more. The new OMCA Store will be open the full 31 hours so visitors can shop throughout the event.

And of course the highlight of the 31 hours will be the excitement of discovering the story of California, the story of you, in the new Galleries of California Art and History.

Saturday, May 1, 2010, 11 am through Sunday, May 2, 2010, 6 pm


The newly renovated Museum of California throws open its doors to the people of California in a grand Opening Ceremony. Following the official ribbon-cutting the Museum will remain open, free to the public for 31 hours in honor of the 31st state.

(Schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates)

Schedule for Saturday Afternoon, May 1

11 a.m. Opening ceremony at Oak Street entrance:

Native American Ohlone blessing by tribal member, artist Linda Yamane

Welcome by Museum leadership and elected officials

Project Bandaloop: Premiere of an aerial dance created for the opening of OMCA on the Museum’s façade, set to a score of natural sounds from OMCA's California Library of Natural Sounds.

12:30-12:50 Project Bandaloop (Oak Street)

11–3:30         Holistic Hooping: Hula-hoop demonstrations (around the Museum)
                        Dazzling Dave: Yo-yo Champ (around the Museum)

12-3                Alice 97.3 (Koi Pond area at 10th Street)

12–6               Docents in the Galleries (Galleries of California Art & History)
1–1:30            The San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band (Oak Street Plaza)

1–3                 Demonstration of basket-making by Linda Yamane (History Gallery)

1:30–1:50      Project Bandaloop (Oak Street)

2–2:30            Demonstration by Yo-yo champ Dazzling Dave (Great Hall)

2:30–3:15      The San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band (Oak Street)

2:30–3:30      Hip-Hop with the Oakland Hip Hop Dance Institute (Tent)

3:15–3:45      Master Whistler Sean Lomax—from Cirque de Soleil (Great Hall)

3:30–5:15      Dixieland Dykes + 3 (Koi Pond area at 10th Street)

4–5                 Hula-hoop workshop (Tent)

Evening and Overnight Programs With a Grown-up, Social Flavor

As the 31-hour Opening Celebration Weekend continues, Saturday evening events (from 6 p.m. through 6 a.m. Sunday) change over to a more adult flavor, with visitors invited to socialize, participate, and enjoy OMCA's all-night party (pajamas are encouraged). There’ll be DJs and live radio broadcasts; a dance music showcase; non-stop conversations about "California Futures"—culture, creativity, and food; screenings of California films; personalized gallery tours with curators; and food and drink until 2 a.m.—all this and fire dancers, too!

Schedule for Saturday Night, May 1

6–8                 Square Dancing (Tent)

6–8                 Soundfest:OMCA's Calif. Library of Natural Sounds (Oak Street Plaza)

6–9                 Live 105 DJ (Great Hall)

6–8                 Klezmer on parade (Koi Pond area at 10th Street)

6–1 a.m.         Bar (Koi Pond area at 10th Street)

7–?                 Gallery Tours

8–10               PFA screenings (Tent)

8–11               California Futures conversations: Technology (Cafe)

9–10               Fire Dancers (Oak Street Plaza)

9–10               Square Dancing (Tent)

10–11             Nonstop Bhangra (Great Hall)

11–12             Yard Dog Road Show ((Great Hall)

11–1 a.m.      Frameline screenings (Tent)

11–1 a.m.      California Futures conversations: Radical Start-Ups (Cafe)

12–1 a.m.      Beatnik Poetry (History Gallery)

12–1 a.m.      Madam Z (Art Gallery)

12–2 a.m.      DJ (Great Hall)

1–7 a.m.         Lounge/Coffee (Koi Pond area at 10th Street)

1–2 a.m.         Yelp Elite (Cafe)

1–2 a.m.         Acoustic clarinet and accordian (Art Gallery)

1–2 a.m.         Camp songs with acoustic guitar  (History Gallery)

2–6 a.m.         Yelp (Art Gallery)

5–8 a.m.         Pajama Party/storytelling (Galleries)

5:30–7:30      Mike Miller’s Bubble Project (Oak Street Plaza)

7–8                 Yoga class with Ann Dyer (Great Hall)

8:15–9:15      Chanting Class with Ann Dyer (Great Hall)


After OMCA shakes off the night and wakes up with early morning yoga in the gardens and coffee, the Museum welcomes visitors for family events until 6 p.m. Family events are presented in collaboration with DEAF Media, Our Family Coalition, MOCHA, and Laney College.

Schedule for Sunday, May 2

9:30–11:30    Lake Merritt Photo Walk

10–1               California Futures conversations: The Subject is Food (Cafe)

10:30–12       Oakland School for the Arts Jazz Combo (Great Hall)

11–12:30       Hands-On Activities (Tent)

11–5               Face Painting. Koi Pond Talks. Fours-Square Movin’. 99.7 Radio
(Koi Pond area at 10th Street)

12:45–1:30    Drummm Rhythmic Events/Community drumming (Tent)

1–2                 A’Dunyae Lee Rap (Tent)

2–2:30            Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (Tent)

2–4                 California Futures conversations: Nature (Cafe)

2:30–3:30      Capacitor Dance (Oak Street Plaza)

3:30–4            Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (Tent)   

4:30–5:15      Drummm Rhythmic Events/Community drumming (Tent)


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