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Trulia tracks Crime by Neighborhood

Trulia tracks Crime by Neighborhood


Interesting, I just wrote a blog about renters who were robbed last week and now I see that Trulia is tracking crime by Neighborhood. It's not just interest rates and home prices that we have to be aware of but also what is happening locally which will in turn, effect the real estate market.


Do you know of any unusual level of activity in your neighborhood? A neighborhood watch is always a good idea.


Trulia says: Trulia's new interactive Crime Map allows you to explore, compare and comment on crimes across America - right down to the time of day, specific intersection and type of crime committed. Neighborhood crime rates are important information for home buyers, so share our Crime Map with your clients to help them get a better sense of the neighborhood and make smarter choices about where to live!


it looks like a Beta Version but if you'd like to see. By the way, once you click on it, I have the default set to Oakland. what's happening where you live


oakland CA

Published Thursday, June 9, 2011 11:19 AM by Elisa Uribe

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